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Long Gone Leprechaun is a group of "musicians" from Lund, Sweden, who play and sing traditional Irish music. The band began to form in september 2007, and has since then grown in both numbers and confidence. Beside performances at various pubs in Lund, Long Gone Leprechaun can be seen at spontanious gigs in more or less expected places (throughout the world!)

In an attempt to spread the traditional Irish music (and to get more friends to play with), we are arranging Irish sessions for beginners. Send an e-mail, tell us who you are and what you play, and we can supply you with sound clips, and sheet music if needed.

For access to the Inside pages, send an e-mail here!

Sound clips

Pipe on the Hob &
Merrily Kiss the Quaker

I Tell Me Ma

Bill Collin's & Frost is All Over

Dirty Old Town



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More sound clips - myspace.com/longgoneleprechaun
Video clips - YouTube
Will you be my friend? - Facebook


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